Blogging for Long Island Business

Blogging sounds like alot of work…
Should you even bother?
Will it help your Long Island business?

It’s certainly a marketing tool that can work

Take a look at some of the reasons why…….

Your can highlight your new sales and specials.

Why wait until somebody walks into your door to tell them about your new new product or service.  Let your blog work for you and get them in your door.   You could write a post detailing the most common questions about the problem that your product or service solves.  Detail how you have the best solution for the problem your product solves.

This will affirm your integrity to your loyal customers and clients who experience the quality products and services you provide.  It will also make prospects see they should work with you because you have their best interest at heart.

A blog gives your Long Island business personality and uniqueness.

People like doing business with other people not faceless corporations. Your blog is your local business’s “name and face,” and gives you the ability to interact with clients on a more personal level.  Alot of times, the more personal they feel their relationship with you is, the more often they’ll chose you over the guy down the road.

Establishes your authority in your industry.

Demonstrating your expertise is a great way to use your blog. Discuss the problems that your customers face.  Offer solutions and how-to posts related to what your sell.  Dont’ make it too promotional. The idea is to connect with the customers and show your knowledge of the field.  You could write a post of tips and tricks to help your customers.

The more you educate, the more you establish yourself as a leader in your field, and the more you build trust.

And trust is the key to loyal clientele.

A well-run blog can highlight your retail store and balance out review sites.

If your customers all love you and say so on the review sites, that’s great. Your blog will help to clarify that message.

But if you have an occasional nut, or even someone with a legitimate complaint, having an active blog gives you the chance to present what makes your long island business such a great choice.

Helps your local business show up higher in search engine rankings

Google loves active blogs. Even one post a week is all it takes to move you up in the rankings. Which means your next customer finds you, not your competition.

Increase referrals and word of mouth marketing.

All it takes is one great idea and one post about it on your blog to increase awareness of your local business. If it gets picked up by others, it can go viral and generate a buzz about you.

You can also actively encourage referrals by highlighting your customers on your blog.  Make them local celebs by showing the amazing results they got with your product or service. They will often reciprocate by sending people to you.

Local blogging gives your  clients and prospects a “say” in  your business.

By allowing your customers to comment on your business they fell more of a connection.  Maybe set up a poll of your blog readers, asking what they like in your shop, don’t like and want to see more of in your local business.

You might be amazed at the things they will tell you they want to spend money on.  Some may be things you have not thought of that they buy from your competitor.

And once you have whatever they want in, you can announce it on your blog.

When you give your customer and clients what they want, they’ll know you listened to them, feel like they had a part in making your business great and be excited to hand you money.

Blogging is a way to show  your involvement in the community.

People want to work with business that are active in the community.  If you sponsor a Long Island little league team or donate to the local food bank, let your clientele know in your blog.  It can help people connect to your business at the same time promoting a good cause.


10 Myths About Blogs – Scott Rosenberg

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